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Associations and Clubs

Biotech Business Club
The Bay Area is home to one of the largest biotechnology and healthcare hubs in the world. Biotechnology and healthcare are complex industries to navigate and require a fundamental balance of science, business, and social responsibility. Our mission focuses efforts and skills on the business of biotechnology and healthcare by creating student leadership that proactively participates in the promotion of industry activities, educational forums, and entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Association (EIA)
Our aim is to provide an environment for students to develop new business ideas and bring them to fruition. We will also create a forum for students to connect with venture capitalists, angel investors, GSM Alumni, mentors, advisors, business school students and other entrepreneurs. In order to achieve these goals, the society will work closely with the Davis, Bay Area and Sacramento business communities.

Business Competitions

Big Bang Business Competition
The UC Davis Child Family Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship’s programs bring MBA students and investors together with scientists and engineers to develop the commercial potential of their research breakthroughs. You’ll help build a business from the ground up. Our annual competition provides a forum for the UC Davis community to collaborate, develop and test business visions and plans. The Big Bang! offers mentorship, team building, education, financing and networking for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Participating in Big Bang! is an educational experience beginning in October and lasting until May.Teams use this period to develop new ideas (e.g., team members from a variety of technical and business disciplines and/or mentors found in faculty, alumni, and other community professionals).

Child Family Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Child Family Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
The Child Family Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship integrates science and business for social benefit. We bring together researchers in science and engineering with faculty, MBA students, UC Davis undergraduates, experienced entrepreneurs, investors and corporate leaders to support technology transfer and commercialization activities.


The Engineering Translational Technology Center (ETTC) is a technology incubator designed to speed the transfer of high-impact, innovative ideas to the marketplace to meet society’s needs.


UC Davis Mentoring Academy
Donald Bers, Ph.D.Lydia Howell, M.D.
Edward Callahan, Ph.D.Julie Schweitzer, Ph.D.
Cameron Carter, M.D.Mark Servis, M.D.
Charles DeCarli, M.D.Judith Turgeon, Ph.D.
Ellen Gold, Ph.D.Deborah Ward, R.N., Ph.D.


Biomedical and Engineering Entrepreneurship Academy
The Biomedical and Engineering Entrepreneurship Academy is an intensive commercialization program for researchers who want to identify, design and validate market opportunities for their research.

Business Development Certificate Program
The year-long Business Development Certificate program provides UC Davis science and engineering graduate and postdoctoral students hands-on experience in developing business skills for a career in industry and the opportunity to develop new business ventures. Through a combination of four Graduate School of Management courses, networking events and field visits to regional start-ups, students gain a first-hand look at the entrepreneurial experience and opportunities available in industry. The program teams MBA students with engineers and scientists to develop the commercial potential of cutting-edge research. The dynamic, interactive environment blends effective theory with hands-on participation and solution-driven innovation.

Designated Emphasis in Biotechnology Program
Obtaining transferable skills for a competitive edge is a goal for our UC Davis graduates, especially our pre-doctoral candidates in science and engineering with a designated emphasis in biotechnology (DEB). According to Paul Watson (Nature Biotechnology, Feb 2003), "Transferable or 'soft skills' can enhance your career mobility and increase your chances of success in landing the job you want... The following skills can help give you a competitive edge: people skills; communication skills; negotiation skills; business skills; creative and strategic thinking; time management; motivation and commitment; and personal image and self-awareness."

UC Entrepreneurship Academy
The three-day UC Entrepreneurship Academy is the premiere academic program for commercializing science and engineering innovations. It is a springboard for moving research out of the lab and into the world. The academy is taught by venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, university faculty, industry executives and angel investors who serve as mentors and guest speakers. You’ll gain the knowledge and networks needed to develop the commercial potential of your research of idea.

Tech Transfer

UC Davis InnovationAccess
UC Davis InnovationAccess is a catalyst for the creation of partnerships that advance, for public benefit, the dissemination, utilization, and commercialization of discoveries made in research at UC Davis. We work in close collaboration with UC Davis researchers to identify and protect discoveries that have value for commercialization, or may be the foundation for further research and development partnerships. We enable partnerships that facilitate the development of UC Davis discoveries through new businesses created by entrepreneurs or through existing businesses. Our activities benefit the public by advancing research at UC Davis, commercializing novel products, and contributing to regional economic development.

Intellectual Property Management

Venture Catalyst

Venture Catalyst
UC Davis’ Venture Catalyst facilitates the translation of University research and technology by driving the successful development of new ventures based on UC Davis intellectual property, through its collaborations, programmatic activities, and outreach efforts.

Associations and Clubs

The Entrepreneurs Association
Graduate student club at the Paul Merage School of Business

The Consulting Association
Graduate student club at the Paul Merage School of Business

ANTrepreneur Center

The ANTrepreneur Center is the premier resource for UC Irvine's vast and growing entrepreneurial Anteater community. As a part of the Division of Undergraduate Education, the ANTrepreneur Center is dedicated to assisting students in becoming successful entrepreneurs through education, consultation, mentorship, and access to resources.

Business Plan Competitions

Business Plan Competition at the Paul Merage School of Business

  • Sponsored annually by the Beall Center
    • Campus-Wide Division
    • Life Sciences Division
    • Competition Workshop

Butterworth Product Development Competition

  • Sponsored annually by the Donald Bren School of ICS

Commercialization Advisors

Arts Myrona Delany
Lecturer, Drama
Biological Sciences Dana Aswad
Professor, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Business Christine Beckman
Associate Professor, Organization and Management
Engineering Abe Lee
Chair, Biomedical Engineering
Humanities Peter Krapp
Professor, Film and Media Studies
ICS Ramesh Jain
Bren Chair and Professor,
Computer Science
Law Dan Burk
Chancellor’s Professor, Law
Medicine Jaime Landman
Chair, Urology
BLI Bruce Tromberg
Professor, Beckman Laser Institute
Physical Sciences Robert Corn
Professor Chemistry
Social Ecology James Meeker
Associate Dean of Students, Professor, Criminology, Law and Society
Social Sciences Michael Lee
Professor and Chair, Cognitive Sciences


Med AppJam

Med AppJam is a week-long tournament where students from all disciplines come together to form teams and create a fully functional mobile app on the iOS Platform. Apps are judged on various criteria and the top teams are awarded prizes and recognition.

Entrepreneurship Courses

Graduate Courses

The Donald Bren School of ICS

  • ICS 295 Entrepreneurship in Information Age
  • The Henry Samueli School of Engineering
    • ENGR 280 Entrepreneurship Seminar Series
  • The Paul Merage School of Business
    • 213 New Venture Management: Founding and Starting a New Venture
    • 214 Entrepreneurship: Business Planning for New Ventures
    • 216 The Management of High Technology Firms: Intrapreneurship w/in Existing Corporations and Strategic Innovation
    • 290 Development of New Ventures in Health Care Services
    • 218 Business Dynamics: Strategies for Survival and Business Change
    • 225 Negotiations
    • 290 Merger & Acquisition Growth Strategies
    • 252D New Product Development
    • 287 Project Management
    • 258 Marketing Strategy for High Technology Markets

    Post-Doc and Faculty Courses

    The Paul Merage School of Business

    • Venture Capital and Private Equity: VC Funding, Entrepreneurial Finance, Corporate Venture Capital
    • Certificate in Management for Technical Professionals
    • Effective Boardroom Leadership
  • UC Irvine Extension
    • MGMT X494.12 Preparing for Entrepreneurship
  • Guides, Seminars and Workshops


    TechPortal Orange
    TechPortal Orange – a medical business/technology incubator occupying 3,100 square feet of lab and office space in Shanbrom Hall, the heart of the medical center – provides resources for both start-ups and faculty interaction with industry. TechPortal Orange accommodates as many as 14 companies.

    Tech Transfer

    The UCI Office of Technology Alliances (OTA) exists to foster faculty/industry alliances and commercialization of UC Irvine technology for the broad public benefit. OTA emphasizes accessibility, timeliness, and flexibility in its operations and negotiations to ensure that the federal, state and private investment in UCI research has the greatest possible positive impact on people and the economy.

    Associations and Clubs

    Entrepreneur Association
    The Entrepreneur Association (EA) is the largest student organization at the UCLA Anderson School of Management and offers its more than 800 members a wide range of extracurricular activities, from networking events to experiential learning opportunities. As the largest-student run organization on campus, the EA takes advantage of its vast resources to put on 100+ events per year – or an average of more than three events per week. These include speaker series on entrepreneurship, hands-on workshops, intimate networking events with successful entrepreneurs, a world-class business plan competition, and a conference at the end of the year. In addition, the EA works closely with the Harold and Pauline Price Center for Entrepreneurial Studies. The Price Center provides curriculum, research, and experiential learning programs that prepare MBA candidates for the challenges of management in entrepreneurial environments.

    Bruin Entrepreneurs
    Founded in 2013, Bruin Entrepreneurs’ core mission is to facilitate entrepreneurship among UCLA undergraduates by providing resources, networking, and guidance. Our aim is to assist students of all majors and levels of experience in starting their own businesses by providing educational facilities designed to introduce students to the basics of entrepreneurship through
    involvement and execution.


    Knapp Venture Competition
    Now in its 33rd year, the student-run Knapp Venture Competition, hosted at UCLA Anderson School of Management by the Harold and Pauline Price Center for Entrepreneurial Studies and the Entrepreneur Association, is designed to provide UCLA Anderson students with an intensive learning experience in the venture initiation process. The competition is named for Cleon T. (Bud) and Betsy Wood Knapp, who generously gave an endowment in 1997, which supports this annual event along with other entrepreneurial initiatives.

    Consultation Services

    CTSI consultants meet one-on-one with faculty innovators to provide advice about drug development, intellectual property, agreements with industry and venture capital. To schedule an appointment with one of our consultants, please send a request to

    • Michael (Mike) Palazzolo, MD, PhD is a UCLA professor of medicine with managerial experience in academia and biotechnology industry. He was formerly Senior Director of Biosystems at Amgen, with oversight of 270 scientists engaged in high-throughput genomics research. He also previously worked in venture capital. His expertise includes:
      • Small molecule drug development
      • Connecting faculty to experts in the development of medical devices and diagnostics

    • William (Bill) Boyle, PhD is a UCLA professor of medicine who has been a founder, executive, board member and scientific advisor to various biotechnology companies. He was formerly Director of Discovery Research and the Biosystems technology platforms at Amgen, where he led a basic research effort as part of the preclinical and clinical development of OPG and derivative RANKL antagonists, including denosumab, a monoclonal antibody therapeutic approved for osteoporosis and bone metastasis. His expertise includes:
      • Small molecule and antibody drug development
      • SBIR/STTR funding

    Entrepreneurship Courses

    Graduate Courses

    • BIOENGR 233: Advancing Bioengineering Innovation – Unmet Needs
    • Business Plan Development (295D). Anderson School students are required to develop a business plan for a specific technology. Faculty innovators may submit their technologies for consideration.
    • Business of Science: Exploring Entrepreneurship MPharm 287
    • Business of Science: Laboratory MPharm 286
    • Medical Student Selective: Innovation and Invention in Medicine

    Graduate, Post-Doc and Faculty Courses

    • Business Plan Development (295D). Anderson School students are required to develop a business plan for a specific technology. Faculty innovators may submit their technologies for consideration.
    For more information contact:
    George Abe
    Lecturer and Faculty Director, Strategic Management Research Program
    UCLA Anderson School of Management

    Guides, Seminars and Workshops

    UC Center for Accelerated Innovation (UC CAI)
    Entrepreneurship Training by Campus  - this is extensive collection of entrepreneurship training and resources available at the five UC health campuses (UC Davis, UC Irvine, UCLA, UC San Diego and UCSF) and across the national CAI partners.

    Technology Commercialization Primer - developed by Vish Krishnan, leader of the UC CAI Skills Development Program.

    Therapeutic Discovery & Development Series - this series address capital and time, business development and Intellectual Property.

    NSF I-Corps - learn more about the NSF Innovation Corps, or I-Corps, program available. 

    "Entrepreneur's Guide to a Biotech Startup" by Peter Kolchinsky, PhD

    Dr. Kolchinsky performs due diligence on investment opportunities at RA Capital Associates, a biotech-focused public equity fund. He works closely with Richard Aldrich, a founding employee and former CBO of Vertex Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Kolchinsky’s free guide can be found at, an online resource for biotech investors and entrepreneurs that he launched in 2001.

    UCLA California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) Entrepreneurship Forum
    CNSI's Entrepreneurship Forum is designed to enable entrepreneurial UCLA faculty, staff and students to exchange ideas and build relationships within the LA entrepreneurial ecosystem. The forum serves CNSI's mission to facilitate commercialization by creating an environment where innovative ideas can be shared and cultivated into commercial opportunities.

    For more information and to view the recorded lectures, please go to the CNSI Entrepreneurship Forum.

    Startup UCLA

    Startup UCLA’s mission is to foster the development of UCLA entrepreneurs. We do that through offering free consulting, office space, and, when applicable, introductions to our network of mentors to any and all matriculated UCLA students, alumni, staff, and faculty. We hold workshops and fireside chats on a regular basis that are open to the former as well as the public at large. Our most well-known offering is the Startup UCLA Summer Accelerator, which began in 2012.

    The Startup UCLA Summer Accelerator is an intensive 10-week program for 8-10 early-stage startups founded by UCLA students and recent alumni to accelerate the development and growth of their ventures. 45 companies have gone through the program since 2012. The ventures, usually but not exclusively for-profit companies, are provided with co-working space on UCLA’s campus, a $5,000 stipend, legal guidance from Manatt Digital Media, hosting from Amazon Web Services, dedicated mentorship from out experienced staff, skill workshops led by industry experts, and introductions to top-tier entrepreneurs and investors.

    For more information, please go to the Startup UCLA website.

    Technology Transfer

    Research often leads to discoveries and inventions with commercial potential. These discoveries or inventions may comprise intellectual property that would benefit from protection through patents, copyright, and occasionally trademarks. Technology transfer is the process of transitioning technologies from the research lab to the marketplace.

    At UCLA, the Office of Intellectual Property and Industry-Sponsored Research (OIP-ISR) assists with the technology transfer process. Early contact with the office about an invention is important. To learn more about the technology transfer process, visit the OIP-ISR website.

    Associations and Clubs

    Commercialization Advisors


    Entrepreneur Challenge
    The Entrepreneur Challenge is a UCSD Student Organization that promotes the commercialization of the incredible research and innovation that occurs along Torrey Pines Road.

    Education and Mentoring

    Rady School of Management
    Entrepreneur Development Program Services
    The Entrepreneur Development Program at the Rady School of Management, University of California, San Diego is dedicated to advancing the role of entrepreneurship in building stronger, higher-performing organizations worldwide. With over 20 years of experience managing entrepreneurship and economic development programs, we serve entrepreneurs, small- and medium-sized businesses, civil society and nongovernmental organizations, multilateral development banks and government agencies in the U.S. and abroad.

    The von Liebig Center for Entrepreneurism and Technology Advancement at von Liebig Entrepreneurism Center
    The von Liebig Entrepreneurism Center at the UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering is dedicated to mentoring faculty and student inventors through the proof-of-concept process. The Center provides commercialization support to bridge the gap between exciting laboratory discoveries and products that address market needs. Our experienced technology and business advisors guide faculty and student inventors throughout the technology assessment, proof-of-concept and early stages of the commercialization process. Once technology feasibility is demonstrated, these innovators can attract the entrepreneurial talent and capital that they need to advance their technology toward the marketplace. The Center primarily serves the UC San Diego engineering and science community, but many of our programs extend to universities in the Southern California region and well beyond.

    Entrepreneurship Courses

    UCSD Extension
    vCourse=BIOL-40249">Business Development for Science and Technology
    The life science job market is becoming more competitive. Learning complimentary business skills will expand your competencies and will make you a more viable job candidate. Business development is seen as a natural transition for scientists because, in the life science arena, scientific knowledge is often a prerequisite for a business development position. This course is designed to give life science professionals the basic understanding of the business development process and job responsibilities in the evolving life science business environment. This course will review the core elements of business development, strategic planning and the integral relationship business development have with all departments and the organization’s success.

    Guides, Seminars and Workshops

    Open Enrollment Programs
    Open enrollment programs are career development training courses that help develop and hone skills necessary for leadership and business successes. They boast dynamic content, contextual relevance and specialized offerings in a variety of topics.


    The Moxie Incubator
    The Moxie Incubator provides workspace, tools and equipment in two lab facilities. The Incubator Program includes availability of advisors, including corporate and intellectual property law, marketing, manufacturing and design, as well as student and faculty advisors in engineering. The program requires participation in a Lean Startup educational program, which begins prior to admission.

    Technology Transfer

    Tech Transfer Office
    The University of California San Diego (UCSD) recognizes the importance of fostering the development and utilization of innovations that result from research activities on campus for the public good. The proper management and protection of innovations as intellectual properties under various intellectual property laws and international trade treatises is an essential endeavor undertaken by the university to promote the successful placement of innovations for development and to advance the university's missions. In November 1994, UCSD established its campus office of Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Services (TTO) to promote and facilitate this process. With its close proximity to UCSD researchers and the administration leadership, TTO is ideally positioned to manage the intellectual property developed at UCSD and to provide educational and information services on intellectual property matters to the UCSD community. It is the goal of the university to nurture a highly proactive culture committed to the development and transfer of innovations from campus to the private sector for the benefit of society.

    Associations and Clubs

    Entrepreneur's Club
    The Entrepreneur's Club is a free-form gathering of people interested in entrepreneurship. While it is meant to primarily serve the UCSF community, the Club is open to other affiliations and Industry. We meet monthly to network, get information on topics of interest, share ideas and learn from entrepreneurs and experts. You are welcome whether you are working on a venture, have an idea or think you might at some point want to be involved in an entrepreneurial effort. Meetings are held at Mission Bay or Parnassus Campus.

    Business Club
    This Facebook group provides the opportunity for students and postdocs at UCSF to learn about business in science.


    UC Berkeley Startup Competition (open to UCSF)
    The UC Berkeley Startup Competition (LAUNCH) is one of the foremost events for University-affiliated early stage startups. It provides entrepreneurs with the best possible resources – including education, networking, team creation, mentorship and new venture financing – to help turn innovative ideas into real businesses.


    UCSF Training & Advancement Opportunities (Undergrad, Graduate, Post-Doc/Faculty)

    Entrepreneurship Courses

    These courses teach researchers and clinicians how to move their technology from an academic lab or clinic into the commercial world.

    Guides, Seminars and Workshops

    Find workshops, symposia, and other events at UCSF, UC Berkley, and UC Santa Cruz.

    QB3 - California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences
    QB3 Education
    QB3 Calendar

    Entrepreneurship Center Events
    Find the knowledge, support and connections needed by scientists and clinicians to become entrepreneurs at the following events:
    UCSF Innovation, Technology & Alliances Events
    UCSF Entrepreneurship Center Events


    The original QB3 Garage, founded in 2006. The QB3 Garage@UCSF features 2,500 square feet of offices, wet laboratory space, and multi-function rooms. Tenants rent at least one office or multi-function room and can then rent a portion of the wet laboratory space. An equipment corridor is also available.

    Innovation Programs

    Digital health technologies have the power to transform healthcare. Yet many new technologies are hitting "last mile" issues and failing to deliver on their promise. We believe that access to the creative minds and patients at our world class medical center can drive insights into the successful development, implementation, and adoption of new digital health technologies.

    Mentors & Advisors

    Find mentors and advisors on entrepreneurship, commercialization, and innovation in this directory.

    Technology Transfer

    The goal of the Office of Innovation, Technology & Alliances (ITA) is to facilitate translation of UCSF research and innovations for societal benefit. We're proud to be part of an organization that helps pave new paths for researchers to take discoveries from their labs or clinics to the commercial marketplace. We collaborate with all members of the UCSF community and with industry, catalyzing connections, relationships and the transfer of technology. We partner with industry on research and clinical programs. We support and market UCSF inventions to the commercial world. We nurture our research community in exploring the entrepreneurial potential of their discoveries by providing education and resources. We serve as a knowledgeable network and a bridge to the commercial world.

    Boston Biomedical Innovation Center (B-BIC)

    Harvard i-lab
    Launched in November 2011, the Harvard Innovation Lab (i-lab) serves as a resource for students from across Harvard interested in entrepreneurship and innovation. The programming offered by the i-lab is designed to help students grow their ventures at any stage of development and covers a wide range of disciplines.


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