University of California Center for Accelerated Innovation

Understanding the Selection Process

selection process


  • Annual solicitation across three platforms
    1. Therapeutics
    2. Devices (including digital/wireless health)
    3. Diagnostics
    4. Tools
  • Awards of up to $200K for two years
  • Eligibility
    1. Faculty in all series and ranks at UC Davis, UC Irvine, UCLA, UC San Diego, and UC San Francisco
    2. Postdoctoral scholars are eligible to submit applications as Co-PI with a faculty PI
    3. Projects with existing or imminent target validation and a clear clinical indication
    4. Patents or patent applications are filed or potential for obtaining defensible intellectual property is strong
  • There is a two-stage submission process consisting of a pre-application and an invitation-only full application

Pre-application Process


  • Local review of two-page pre-applications assess scientific merit and product developmental potential
  • One-month review period
  • Centralized submission
  • Highest potential projects invited to submit full proposals

Full Application Process

Full Application

  • Invitation only, based on pre-application
  • Three-stage review:
    1. Central Review by UC CAI Review Committee consisting of Center leadership and external experts. The highest-scoring proposals advance to External Review. One-month review period.
    2. External Review by External Selection Committee, an ad hoc panel of experts form industry and academia with specialized disease, platform, regulatory and commercilization knowledge. One-month review period. Highest-scoring proposals advance to NHLBI.
    3. NHLBI Review recommends the most promising proposals for entry into the Center.



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